Parents are encouraged to come back for the first appointment.  This is a good time to explore the office and get to know Dr. Thom and the staff.

If your child is an infant, Dr. Thom will take a brief look and spend time talking to you about the best way to take care of your child’s teeth.  This is a very simple and easy appointment.  For all children we will review oral hygiene, diet, health history, and any age specific items relating to your child’s oral health.

As your child is ready, he or she will receive a cleaning, an exam, and possibly a Fluoride treatment and radiographs.  Some children may not be ready for a cleaning and exam on their first visit.  They may simply come in for a chance to look around, sit in a dental chair, and then pick out a prize – and that’s all ok!  The more your child is at our office, the more comfortable he or she will be and the sooner they’ll want to have their teeth sparkled and counted!  We will determine your child’s comfort level and will use that to determine what we’ll do that day.  Many children won’t cooperate for a full cleaning and exam until around the age of 3, and most children won’t be ready for cavity detecting x-rays until the age of 4 or older.  Regardless, there is still significant value in your child seeing the pediatric dentist by the time he or she is 1 year old or within 6 months of the first baby tooth coming in.