Pediatric dentistry is all about creating an environment where kids are happy and not intimidated.  It’s about patience and understanding.  It’s about treating the child first and the teeth second.  We will treat your child the same way we would treat our own children.

Our #1 goal is for your child to have a good experience.  We believe that any dental treatment can be accomplished without fear or tears.  We first will work to make your child comfortable in the dental setting and will address any concerns or worries your child may have.  We will explain things to your child in a fashion that’s appropriate for their age without using scary sounding words.  Only after your child is comfortable will we worry about the teeth.

We want your child to leave our office happy.  Sometimes that may mean we don’t get everything done that we intended to get done.  The most important thing is that your child leaves feeling accomplished, happy, and ready to come back to the dentist.  If there’s any way we can avoid it, we will not push your child just to get a procedure done.