Appointments and Cancellations

Please Keep Your Appointments – When you make an appointment for your child, we are setting aside a specific amount of Dr. Thom’s time just for you so that your child will have Dr. Thom’s complete attention. We do not double book assuming that a certain percentage of patients will not keep their appointments.  If you do not keep your appointment, then Dr. Thom will have nothing to do but twiddle his thumbs and bother the staff until the next patient arrives.  More importantly, you may be taking away valuable appointment time that could have been used for another patient.  Therefore, we ask that you please keep your appointments.  If you cannot make your appointment without giving 48 hours notice, there will be a fee added to your next appointment.  If two broken or missed appointments without proper notice occur, the office reserves the right not to schedule any future appointments.

Please Arrive On Time – We try very hard to stay on schedule so that we will be respectful of your time.  We do not double book our schedule – we set aside time specifically for you.  We therefore ask that you please be prompt for you appointments.  Arriving 15 minutes or later after your appointment time will result in needing to reschedule your appointment.  Patients who regularly break appointments will be asked to seek care at another practice that may be better able to accommodate you.

Having Said All That– We know that being a parent is a very difficult job, and we will make whatever efforts we can to help with your schedule.

We will also try very hard to stay on schedule ourselves and to see your child at the appointed time. Occasionally there may be situations where we may get behind schedule due to an emergency visit.  Please understand that being on schedule is important to us, and that if we are running behind, it is because we are giving a child special attention that we would also offer your child if needed.